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Matt Konar

Matt Konar

Loomis, CA


Konar's work is both light and dark in subject, approaching at every turn both the whimsical and the mischievous.
He uses the canvas as a stage to capture moments of love and heroism, as well as times of human folly. His characters come from real life, from songs, from poems and from stories. All the stories take place under a starry sky with the drama of the constellations. Unexpected details are presented through the book on a shelf, the image in a mirror, the wallpaper pattern, an individual leaf, and many other visual gestures waiting to be unlocked by the viewer.
His technique of using glaze upon glaze creates colors that are deep, rich and vibrant. There is a profound sense of mystery, nuance, symbolism and timelessness in the scenes he depicts.
Of his process Konar says, "I work mostly in oils and the progress of each work is slow and sometimes tedious - my oils are built with glaze upon glaze, and detail upon detail. For me technique and investment of time are always subservient to achieving the final effect in the painting. I'm driven by and find my greatest satisfaction in what I create as a final work and not the process."
Other artists have dubbed him "the storyteller" and have said that his paintings "speak to the soul".

Matt & his wife Denise presently enjoy living in Northern California, nearer their three children and grandchildren, but dearly miss their true four seaons Virginia home, Washington DC and the cities of the east coast.

"Jesus in Blue Jeans" was awarded Best of Show in PlacerArts 30th Jubilee 2013 Open Juried Show. "Ship of Fools" was also in the show.

All work in this gallery is the original work of Matt Konar. It is for sale, 2010 Matt Konar
and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws


Eden Dawn by Matt Konar


Finn meets Peter by Matt Konar


Romeo and Juliet by Matt Konar


The Lion Sleeps Tonight ... by Matt Konar


The Reader by Matt Konar


Just Before Dawn by Matt Konar


The Elephant Ambulance and Cookies by Matt Konar


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Matt Konar


Paridiso by Matt Konar


I Fell in a Hole by Matt Konar


Einstein's Definition of Insanity by Matt Konar


Serenity by Matt Konar


Swimming in that River in Egypt by Matt Konar


The Way by Matt Konar


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Matt Konar


The Old Cottonwood by Matt Konar


The Mountain by Matt Konar


The Path by Matt Konar


Easy by Matt Konar


The Difficult and the Steep by Matt Konar


Other Paths by Matt Konar


Sunrise by Matt Konar


Two Paths by Matt Konar


The downward path by Matt Konar


It was easy ... by Matt Konar


Oooooh by Matt Konar


Hmmmmm by Matt Konar


Up by Matt Konar



Wonder by Matt Konar


Courage by Matt Konar


A Warning by Matt Konar


So off I went ... by Matt Konar


To steep to turn back ... by Matt Konar


and now I was frightened by Matt Konar


crying ... by Matt Konar


Grandpa ... by Matt Konar


Up again I went ... by Matt Konar


Swimming in that River in Egypt by Matt Konar


Momma by Matt Konar


Nativity by Rembrant